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  • Category: Personalization
  • Developer: NwD
  • Size: 7.9 MB
  • Downloads: 500+
  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Updated: Jul 06, 2015
  • Recent changes:
    + Added official SQUARE watch face for square watches

    + Added 2nd watch face called WoodWorks Bright

WoodWorks Watch Face for WM


Don't let that deter you, Watchmaker is one of the greatest apps you can get for your Android Wear smartwatch. There are literally thousands of free watch faces available for Watchmaker. You won't regret it one bit. Download it here: http://goo.gl/FMxUfY

Wood Works LIGHT: http://goo.gl/YcHlDL

SQUARE watches get a special square design.
You get 2 faces, the standard and the "bright" version.

-====={ What does it do? }=====-

::: MAIN FACE :::

★ The top needle dial shows your watch battery
★ The left needle dial shows your phone battery
When fully charged the dials show blue. When less than 50% the wood will start to show red. At less than 30% you will start to see an even brighter red.
★ The watch hands' shadows are dynamic based upon your movement as well as the rotation of the hands themselves
★ The main gear slowly turns
★ The mini rocker surrounding the hands, rocks back and forth to each second
★ When charging your phone, a flag appears above the phone needle dial
★ The right dial shows the date (duh)
★ The current hour is highlighted by a black disc just beneath the face

Tap Actions
★ Tap the right panel and it reveals the date
★ Tap the heart icon to reveal and start the heart rate monitor
★ Tap the feet icon to reveal and start the step counter
★ Tap the stopwatch icon to start and reveal the stopwatch
When the heart rate or steps doors are open, you will see that the stopwatch icon is hidden. In order to see the stopwatch numbers, you must first close both the heart and step doors. You may open and close the stopwatch at any time and it will keep running. Start/Stop and Reset buttons will also appear once the stopwatch has been started.
★ Tap the lock icon and it will disable all other tap actions on the face allowing you to interact with Android Wear normally. Tap the lock again to disable it.
★ Tap the plus icon (+) to open the face and start the WoodWorks animation bringing you to the calendar mode


The face opens up and the gears start turning. The battery needles, charging flag and date all rotate and drop out of the way on their track. The clock hands rotate and drop out of the way on their track and dangle in place based on your arm movement. Pay close attention to all of the micro-gears as they all power another moving part.

★ This mode displays the next three events from your calendar
Access these by using the left and right arrows.
★ The mini clock shows the current time
★ The colored shaded area behind the mini clock hands shows the event color and duration
★ Tap the weather button to access the weather mode


The armatures on the right slide in and unfold creating a track for the weather panel to unfold on to.

★ The current temperature is displayed in the upper left
★ Today's forecast is displayed in the upper right
★ The next four days weather condition and high temperature are displayed along the bottom
★ Tap the refresh button to update the weather info
★ Tap the close button to activate the transformation into the main face mode


★ There is a minimalist dim mode
★ The font on the actual watch for the calendar events and weather is actually different from those in the photos. For some dumb reason, once my phone updated to Lollipop, the font stopped working.

-====={ Recommended Watchmaker Settings }=====-

Max Framerate: 20+
Animation Boost: ON
Weather Provider: Yahoo

-====={ Mildly Interesting Facts }=====-

122 animated layers
145 total layers
696 line lua script file
6 months in the making (this is more embarrassing that it is bragging)
All layers hand-drawn or created from a single piece of wood

If there is an issue or something that needs fixing or a desired feature, feel free to email Nick.Will.Dy@gmail.com