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whowho - Caller ID & Block

1. Get informed on numbers as the calls come in
Choose to reject useless spam, and never miss the calls that matter.
WhoWho tells you all you need to know about unknown numbers in real time
- both the good and the spam.

2. Convenient Number Management
Use your smartphone more efficiently by recording important information,
such as whether numbers are safe or spam.

3. Make Community Reports as One
Share information on unknown numbers with other users,
creating a service that’s helpful to all users.

4. Use WhoWho as your default caller on your smartphone
The app allows you to use frequently dialed numbers faster and with more convenience,
and offers several other functions, including friendliness stats on each contact, memos, schedule management, call recording, and others.
In addition, make use of a variety of convenient widgets, including call logs, frequent contacts, and keypad.

5. Block useless numbers for good!
You can identify bad numbers (spam, voice phishing, etc.) before accepting calls,
and you can completely block useless calls using a variety of blocking options.
! However Starting From Android 4.4(Kitkat), WhoWho will not be able to block text message(SMS, MMS) in accordance with Google’s service policy.

6. WhoWho on Wearables
Use WhoWho on a smart watch by making a simple adjustment to settings.

* WhoWho is a totally free service
* Wireless internet(3G or WiFi) is required for WhoWho to work normally
* Starting From Android 4.4(Kitkat), WhoWho will not be able to block text message(SMS, MMS).
* If you have any questions, please let us know by e-mail : whowho@ktcs.co.kr