Wear-tris for android wear


WARNING - while the game works flawlessly on most devices, there are (two that I know of) instances of the game freezing your watch. This is attributed to an installation error and you should try re-installing and/or re syncing your apps. I have not been able to solve this because the people that have these issues seem more interested in giving the app a 1 star review and leaving than actually getting it fixed by emailing me. Thanks for your patience.

(the game cannot use swipe controls as I cannot compile the resource that lets me disable that)

Play the classic falling block game on your android watch! Compatible with both squarescreen and roundscreen watches!

Please allow a few minutes for the application to automatically sync to your watch before trying to play!

by launching the app from your phone you can also play the same game on your phone. However this is primarily intended for wear devices.


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