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  • Developer: Joseph O. De Guzman
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    optimized battery consumption(due to gps) while app is recently opened.
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    Ble Broadcast Compatibility test
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Wear pebble finder / locator

This is not your average or simple Pebble / Wear / Phone finder and list app.

Aside from the simple features like force Ring, Vibrator, Notification
This app can Locate your Pebble watch or Android wear even if it is Disconnected from Bluetooth.

No more worries when accidentally leaving phones unattended or being snatched by very curious friends and girlfriends.

*Locate and track your wearable using microphone or bluetooth

*Now fully compatible with Moto360 v5.1.1

For existing 1.x pebble users please upgrade your watch app when upgrading to 2.x

Shows Android wear BLE Bluetooth Signal Strength when connected (*now compatible with moto360 v5.1.1)
Shows Android wear BLE Bluetooth Signal Strength when disconnected (*now compatible with moto360 v5.1.1)
Android wear microphone listens to your call
Force Vibrate Pebble / Android Wear
Force Vibrate Phone
Force Ring Phone
Stolen mode
Force Lock,
Cry for help
Sets phone volume to maximum
Shows Pebble Bluetooth Signal Strength Note: This will only work if the phone and Pebble watch is unpaired
Notifies Pebble / Android wear on disconnect
Locks phone on Android wear / Pebble disconnect
Saves last known location/map/address on Android Wear / Pebble
Saves Pebble / Android wear disconnect location/time on phone

Premium ONE TIME Purchase: Android Wear / Pebble Bluetooth signal finder, No ads, no settings restriction

*If you have already purchased the premium version of the Old Pebble Finder app and you are migrating to Android Wear you will enjoy the Android Wear support and its premium features for free.
Thanks for the continued support

Tested Devices:
Nexus 6
Galaxy nexus
HTC one
Note 3
Pebble Watch
LG G watch

If some features doesn't work with your watch, Please email me with the Brand and model. I'll try to purchase the most popular watch available.


--Required by ads

--Needed for Pebble Watch app installation

--Required by Google maps and "Send Location to watch" feature

--Required by Bluetooth scanning

What is this app?
This app contains Wearable app and Pebble app that aids you in searching for your phone and watch when you lost it.

I have lost my phone, but it is still connected to my watch. How can I find it?
For this scenario, you can use the "Force Ring" feature. This will max out the volume and playback an audio just like when someone is calling.

I have lost my phone and it is no longer connected to my watch. How can I find it?
Check your Pebble/Wear for the last known location. It will give you a rough estimate of where it was at a specific time.

I have lost my Wear/Pebble but it is still connected to my phone through bluetooth. How can I find it?
For pebble, the only way you can find it is by sending a "Vibrate" pulse and listening to it. Android Wear users have it easy. They have 3 features that they can use. First is the send "Vibrate" pulse. Second is to make Android wear "Listen" to your call through the watch's microphone. Third is through "Bluetooth broadcast"; the lower the number the nearer the two devices.

I have lost my Wear/Pebble and it is no longer connected to my phone through bluetooth. How can I find it?
For Pebble, you can use the Bluetooth broadcast reader. For Wear users, you can also use Bluetooth broadcast reader but you have to enable "Broadcast on disconnect" in the "settings" page first.

Will this app drain my battery?
There is less overhead for this app. Bluetooth is already running by default because you are connected to your watch. It will only consume more battery time when you are actually using it which is also the time you lost an expensive phone or watch.

Pebble 2.8.1 firmware
Android wear 5.0.1
Android 4.3+

fully compatible w/:
Gear Live
LG Watch Urbane
SmartWatch 3
G Watch R
G Watch
Moto 360
ASUS ZenWatch


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