Watch Face Timagine Earth Lite

Designed by Steven Cui and Menghao Liu

If you are getting bored with the antiquated analog and digital watch display, please try our groundbreaking watch display.

Watch Face Features:

- innovative watch face design with ultimate readability

- interactive watch face

- watch and mobile battery indicator

- date and day of week

- daily step counter

- adjust for the chin of the Moto 360 smart watch

- for round watch faces


After installing timagine watch face, it will take a few minutes to be synced to your Android wear watch.

Long press on your watch and choose Timagine Watch Face.

We Need Your Ideas:

If you have any great idea about watch face design, you are more than welcome to email us at

we are looking forward to accomplishing your ideas to the Android wear store.

We Need Your Help:

If it doesn't run perfectly on your android wear watch, please email us the problem and your specific android wear watch model, and we will reply to you and fix it as soon as possible.

Compatible with these Android wear:

Moto 360 (moto360) 42mm&46mm

HUAWEI watch


Will be compatible with these watches soon:

LG G watch R

LG G watch w100

LG watch urbane

Sony Smartwatch

Samsung Gear

Asus ZenWatch (zen watch 1 & 2)

Fossil Q watch

TAG Heuer

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