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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: Curtis Martin
  • Size: 4.4 MB
  • Downloads: 500+
  • Version: 1.3
  • Updated: Dec 21, 2014
  • Recent changes:
    - Now updated with Material design!
    - Fixed issue with toggling settings on the Wear device not reflecting on the Mobile device
    - Fixed layout issue due to "flat tire" on Moto 360
    - Optimizations thanks to the latest Android Support Library

Waft (Android Wear)

Waft - Wearable Android Fart Transmitter

Waft makes your Android Wear device a mobile farting machine! Simply say "OK Google, start farting" on your Wear device, and then tap the Fart button to broadcast a fart remotely to your phone. You can make your phone fart at any time, even when it's asleep!

The companion phone app allows you to set the volume of your farts, as well as test the volume with the handy "Tap to Test Fart Volume" button.

Key Features:

- Tap to Fart: Simply open Waft on your Wear device tap the big brown button, and your phone will break wind.
- Random Fart Mode: Randomly plays any of the sounds you have selected in the phone/tablet companion app
- Motion Control: Trigger a toot with a wave of your hand! Conduct your very own a symphony of flatulence!
- Quick Settings: Swipe up in the Wear app to get to quick settings toggles for Random Fart Mode and Motion Control.

Note: For motion control, Waft must be open on your Wear device. Also, I didn't want it to be too sensitive, so put a slight bit of oomph in it or make a wide gesture with your arm for best results.

Use Waft to play jokes on your friends and family, or even to find your phone (as long as you're within Bluetooth range)!

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