(If you have a Samsung Gear smart watch, please install VOZ from Gear Manager.)

VOZ is a cross-platform voice chat app that lets you easily send anyone a voice message with just one touch. VOZ supports Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry so you can chat with almost anyone. The app includes built-in support for both Android Wear and Samsung Gear smartwatches, allowing you to send and receive voice messages directly from your smartwatch!

Why use VOZ?
★ Simple one-touch interface to playback and record messages.
★ No hidden costs and completely free! VOZ uses your mobile data or wifi connection, without SMS or calling charges.
★ Message anyone with a mobile number. There are no usernames or passwords to remember. All your phone contacts show up in VOZ.
★ Works with all smartwatches that are voice-capable. Send and receive messages directly from your watch!
★ VOZ is available in 15 languages so anyone can use VOZ!