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  • Category: Tools
  • Developer: Tusch Development
  • Downloads: 1,000+
  • Recent changes:
    • Prep work to support future plugins

    • Now works with Android 5.1!!!
    • FIX: Bug causing device to stay unlocked when disabling bluetooth
    • FIX: Facebook link now works
    • NEW: Show trusted device name in notification. (Option in settings)
    • NEW: Added haptic feedback to some areas
    • Updated APIs
    • Now initiates trusted connection scan on device boot
    • Reverted screen flicker fix. If you experience flicker, change option in settings

TDM (deprecated)

Trusted Device Manager empowers you to keep your phone unlocked when you don't need the security, and keeps you secured when you need to be. Automatically.

When you connect to a trusted Bluetooth device or Wifi network, TDM will keep your phone unlocked. As soon as you disconnect, TDM will secure your device.

Keep your device unlocked
• when at home and connected to your wifi network.
• when in your car connected to your vehicle's Bluetooth.
• when connected to your Android Wear or Pebble device.
• anytime you connect to a trusted Bluetooth device or Wifi network.
• temporarily even when not connected to a trusted Bluetooth device or Wifi network.
• when at a trusted location you choose. (With TDM Location Plug-in)

Don't worry! You can always temporarily lock your device even when connected to a trusted device!
• NEW! Lock your device from Android Wear.

A few notes:
• TDM must become a Device Administrator so it can manage your lock screen.
• Unfortunately TDM will not work if you have another app that enforces a password policy.
• ex. Email app that connects to a corporate exchange server
• TDM will not work if you use full device encryption.
• If TDM is active as a Device Administrator YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNINSTALL IT
• Either disable TDM from your "Device Administrator" screen, or from the settings in TDM.

Notes for users with Android 5.0 Lollipop:
• TDM does work. (Sort of) When TDM removes your pin when connected to a trusted device, a bug in Android 5.0 causes the lock screen to still show up. When this happens, you can just press enter to bypass the lock screen (You do not need to enter your pin). This is a flaw in Android 5.0 and there is nothing I can do about this yet. (I'm still working on it).

This has been fixed as of Android 5.1. Unfortunately Android 5.0 - 5.0.2 still have this bug and Trusted Device Manager does not work as expected on those versions.

This is a fully functional "3 day trial" of Trusted Device Manager. After 3 days, Wifi unlocking will stop working. If after those 3 days, you would like to keep using the Wifi unlocking feature, please purchase the Trusted Device Manager Premium Key.
The Premium Key is just that. A key to unlock the wifi features. This app must be installed.