Time Tuner Watch Face

Time Tuner

A classic Tuner Radio style watch face for Android Wear devices.

If you're having trouble syncing settings to the watch, you may need to update Google Play Services on your watch.
Follow these steps on your watch: Settings → About → Versions → tap on Google Play Services.
The recommended version is 9.6.83 or above.

• 8 Color Themes customizable through Android Wear companion app on your phone
• 12 / 24 hours mode
• Ambient mode (requires ambient mode to be enabled on the device)
• Conveniently resizes to accommodate notification peek cards

Android Wear smart watch running Android 5.0.

To select the watch face, press and hold the home screen of your smart watch, or go to Android Wear companion app on your phone and select Time Tuner.

To customize, go to Android Wear companion app on the phone and select Time Tuner. Tap on the gear icon that appears when Time Tuner is selected.

Compatible with:
• Moto 360
• Samsung Gear Live
• LG G Watch R
• LG G Watch
• Asus Zen watch
• Sony Smartwatch 3
or any Android Wear Device

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Created by
Gaurav Singh &
Krishna Prajapati