style Collection Watch Face

The ‘style Collection – Watch Face’ is a collection of sleek, analog watch faces for your Android Wear device. Its modern yet timeless design makes it suitable for any style and any time of the day. The customization possibilities are nearly endless and give you the freedom to express your individual style exactly the way you want to: create your own unique watch face by customizing the bezel, background, numerals, three hands and subdials sets of your stylish watch face separately. This exclusive collection features countless combinations in a pure and simple design. With the ‘style Collection – Watch Face’, you’ll have the date, day of the week, your smartwatch’s battery life and a 24-hour clock at a glance. The app lets you enter a text that will be displayed on your watch. Type in your name, a short note, a date that is special to you or something else entirely – feel free to use special characters, too. Transform your smartwatch into a timelessly beautiful, extraordinary timepiece.
Which combination do you feel like wearing today?

‘style Collection – Watch Face’ is optimized for both round and square smartwatches. It is compatible with Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3 and more.

How to install it:
1. Download the ‘style Collection – Watch Face’ watch faces on your smartphone or tablet. The app will be installed automatically on your Android Wear device.
2. Open the Android Wear App, select ‘style Collection – Watch Face’ and customize your watch face to your liking. You can also long press on your smartwatch and select ‘style Collection – Watch Face’ there.

Thank you for using ‘style Collection – Watch Face’!
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