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  • Category: Tools
  • Developer: Michael Malony
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Recent changes:
    1.0.8 - 1.1.0
    • Fixed typo in Small Wearables app name.
    • Theme update (phone app).
    • Fix for random crashes on devices.
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Small Wearables

Small Wearables is the ultimate collection of Wear watch apps that work with your Android device to bring added functionality to your wrist.

Included Watch Apps
Twitter: post tweets, browse home timeline, view tweet pictures, and retweet.
Android Settings: view & change Android settings (battery, ringtone, media volume, wi-fi, cell signal, & bluetooth).
Photo Gallery: view your phone's photo gallery including photo metadata (date, location, & file information).
Tasker Task Runner: view and start Tasker tasks (using touch or voice controls).
Tip Calculator: quickly calculate 10, 15, 20 and 25% tips (including totals) when dining out.
Phone Pager: find your misplaced Android device (configurable ringtone, vibrate, & strobe light).
App Manager: configure which Small Wearables apps are visible on your watch (or use single "Small Wearables" app).

IMPORTANT: It can take a few minutes for the new apps to sync to your watch. You can also use the "Resync apps" option in the official Android Wear app to force an update.

IMPORTANT: Tasker Notes:
• Tasker Task Runner requires third-party Tasker application (we are not affiliated with the development or support of Tasker).
• If you install Tasker after Small Wearables you will need to reinstall Small Wearables. This is a limitation of Android custom permissions and unfortunately cannot be avoided.
• To troubleshoot Tasker problems open the Small Wearables app on your phone and go to the Tasker section. This will validate Tasker integration and suggest fixes.

Permission Breakdown
• Camera / Flashlight ("take pictures and videos" / "control flashlight"): used by Phone Pager to create strobe light (the flash requires camera permission on some devices).
• Disable Keyguard ("disable your screen lock"): used by Phone Pager to turn on screen (for legacy devices).
• Vibrate ("control vibration"): used by Phone Pager to vibrate phone when being paged.
• Access Wifi State / Change Wifi State ("connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi" / "full network access" / "view network connections" / "view Wi-Fi connects"): used by Android Settings to manage wifi state.
• Bluetooth / Bluetooth Admin ("access Bluetooth settings" / "pair with Bluetooth devices"): used by Android Settings to manage wifi state.
• Course Location ("approximate location (network based)"): used by Android Settings to determine cell signal and strength (course location uses cell info).
• Network Communication: used for Twitter and Google Analytics (analytics can be disabled / no personal information).
• Write External Storage ("modify or deletes the contents of your USB storage"): used by Photos configuration directory browser (nothing is ever written unless you create a folder through the directory browser).
• Tasker Run Tasks ("allows the application to ask Tasker..."): used by Tasker Task runner to find and run Tasker tasks.