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  • Category: Education
  • Developer: Julian Wagner
  • Size: 6.0 MB
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Version: 0.9.9T.3
  • Updated: Mar 14, 2016
  • Recent changes:
    -Fix for issues for Android 4 and below

    -Added support for device calendar (new permission)
    -Fixed force close, when image was selected from external storage (new permission)
    -Added first widget
    -Added ability to store notes
    -Added more colors
    -Added ability to change grading system in profile
    -Simplified timetable creation
    -Added dark and inversive theme (Premium)
    -Various design changes

School-Organizer BETA

Scor-your organizer for school, university or everyday life. Create your own timetable or connect to your WebUntis account to stay informed and up-to-date e.g. about changes concerning your daily schedule.
This app enables you to add new tasks, events and grades and let yourself be reminded of important appointments. This app not only helps you to get an overview of your scholary achievements but also calculates your final grade of a certain subject. Whether it’s your timetable, an appointment or an activity-this app gives you all the neccessary
information concerning your everyday life and aids you with its coordination.

• Timetable with a weekly overview
• Overview of appointments, activities and classes
• Notifications on an hourly basis
• Reminder of appointments and activities

• Automatic synchronization
• Notifications concerning changes in your timetables
• Customized timetable
• Ability to hide certain subjects
• Vacations and holidays