Nebula Watch Face Pro

Nebula is an astral lights nebula watch face. Its colored star pattern changes color per time of day, hence the fading aspect with clean minimalist hands and balanced widgets. It has different nebula scene at morning, noon, evening and night. The color gets more twilight at night and more yellow bright during the day. We imagine Hal9000's eye as inspiration for the center of the hands.The second hand is a planet / moon. It has a metal type bevel for the main circle and widget options. The tick marks has a minimalist feel.

NOTE: Please make sure your watch is running Android Wear 5.0.

Features on one face:
✔ 3D Parallax effect
✔ Wifi state
✔ Compass
✔ Weather
✔ Temperature
✔ Rotating planet/moon second
✔ Watch/phone battery level
✔ Step count
✔ Month, Date
✔ Color picker for tick marks
✔ Color picker for weather icon
✔ Display in dimmed mode

Support all models:
✔ LG G Watch R
✔ Motorola Moto 360
✔ Samsung Gear Live
✔ Asus Zen Watch
✔ LG G watch
✔ Sony SmartWatch 3

Weather support:

How to launch:
1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.
2. Long press the watch screen and select WearvisPro from the watch face picker.
3. You might need to wait a second before the app is synced for both phone and watch.