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  • Category: Weather
  • Developer: Simon Barke
  • Size: 14.2 MB
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Updated: Feb 13, 2017
  • Recent changes:
    Dark Sky only. OpenWeatherMap and World Weather Online will come back within the next weeks.

    - Hide outer ring in ambient mode
    - Battery halo is back
    - Bug fixes

    Since v2.0.0
    - Force full-color ambient mode
    - Option to hide unlock prompt on watch

    - Android 2.0 compatible
    - Interactive ring
    - Wakelock
    - Battery status (phone, watch)
    - Analog dial/hands option
    - Additional weather data (UV index, humidity, ...) w/subscription

Krona Sunlight Watchface

The Ultimate Weather Forecast Interactive Multi-Screen Watch Face

☀ Android Wear 2.0 ready (integrates third party complications and works as complications provider)
☀ Compatible with Android Wear 1.6 (OS 6.0) and higher (does not work with older versions or Samsung watches!)

Krona Sunlight shows the weather

for the upcoming 12 or 24 hours

as a ring around your dial. You see immediately how the day will turn out and how the current conditions compare to same time tomorrow.

Three weather engines
☀ Dark Sky
☀ World Weather Online (premium) - temporarily unavailable, will be back in a few weeks
☀ OpenWeatherMap (startup) - temporarily unavailable, will be back in a few weeks

Current weather condition and detailed 24 h weather forecast with
☀ Temperature
☀ Apparent temperature
☀ Cloudiness
☀ Rainfall
☀ Snowfall
☀ Sunrise
☀ Sunset
☀ Wind
☀ Wind bearing

Status complications
☀ Watch battery
☀ Phone battery (requires connection to Android phone)
☀ Day / month / digital time
☀ Analog hands

Additional weather data (with subscription):
☀ UV index
☀ Maximum time to stay in the sun (based on skin type)
☀ Humidity
☀ Dew point
☀ Atmospheric pressure

Coming soon (with subscription):
☀ Marine and surf weather (water temperature, wind, gusts, wave and swell height/direction)
☀ Mountain and ski weather (special weather forecast for mountain areas with snow levels)

Current condition prediction without internet connection
☀ Unique condition algorithm
☀ Accurately predicts current temperature in 5 minute intervals based on forecast data
☀ Works for up to 48 hours when internet connection is lost

Comes with brand new companion application
☀ Adjust wake lock (screen-on time)
☀ Select units
☀ Manual location overwrite
☀ Change layout
☀ Set interactive behavior
☀ Customize ambient mode

Weather information is updated in the background. If outdated, current condition is estimated for up to 48 hours using forecast data.

Public beta available
join at: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/net.marscity.sunlight


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