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  • Category: Sports
  • Developer: Jim Larsen
  • Size: 5.5 MB
  • Downloads: 10,000+
  • Version: 2.5.7
  • Updated: Sep 01, 2016
  • Recent changes:
    Version 2.5.6
    Added Gir(hcp) stat.

    Version 2.5.5
    Updates to watch app
    Fixed Lollipop (5.0) problem.

    Version 2.5.4
    Fixed lollipop problem (5.*)

    Version 2.5.3
    Added wearable app

    Version 2.5.2
    This version just follows the version name from JLGolf.
    JLGolf just had support for wearable devices (watch).
    To try this out you could download JLGolf wear that is a free wearable app only.
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JLGolf Free

JLGolf is a scorecard, golf GPS application, that will assist you on course, with keeping track on your scorecard, and help you around the course with distances.
Find courses in your area, or create new courses in minutes.

Here is a small list of features in JLGolf.

- Scorecard edit by hole or quick edit full scorecard.
- Round statistics
- View golf scorecard as pdf in prefferred style, choose between default or statiscics view.
- Easy access to distance information for each hole.
- Mail golf scorecard pdf to players
- Upload / Synchronize rounds.
- Distances views in list or on map
- Share round on facebook
- Live rounds, let others follow your play as it happens.
- Connect round to tours to allow you to compare against others.

- Search / Download courses in area or by name
- Create or modify courses, and share by uploading your courses.
- Rating tables for all tees. (depends on rating type used)

- Player statistics for all players.

- EGA, USGA and CONGO rating
- Support for metric and yards

Free version limitations:
- Max 2 Courses
- Max 5 Players
- Max 5 Rounds

Full changelist at www.jlgolf.net/changelist