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    But, if you have some issues with messaging app, here's the fix:

IdeaL Theme X - CM11 Theme

- This theme is NOT an Android Lollipop 5.0 theme. But a theme inspired on it, but more focused to Material Design, with lots of stuff different from Android Lollipop.
- This theme is ONLY supported for CUSTOM ROMS with CM11S Theme Engine. DO NOT install with other roms.
- This theme is designed for xhdpi and higher dpi devices. Feel free to test it in lower dpi devices, if you want to.
- Coloured Status Bars ARE NOT a theme's feature. To have them, you must use a rom with Dinamic System Bars (DSB), or Xposed Module "Tinted Status Bar".
- This is the very last version of this them, it won't be longer supported for dev's personal reasons.
- Fonts in Preview Pictures ARE NOT included in theme. Also, wallpapers used in Preview Pictures MAY/MAY NOT be included in it.
- There are 4 IdeaL Themes Versions. If you don't like this one, try another, and stay with the one you like the most. See screenshots to know what it's included in each theme.
- If you can't deal with the keyboard theme issues, use this keyboard which has Lollipop themes. I haven't developed it, I'm just sharing. http://bit.ly/15KJJpU

- Minimalist.
- Based on Material Design.
- Themed Framework.
- Themed SystemUI.
- Animated Checkboxes.
- Android Lollipop Roboto Fonts.
- Android Lollipop Ringtone, Notifications and Alarms sounds.
- Wallpapers with the best Material Design style.
- Android Wear/L inspired bootanimation.
- Over 550 moonshine style icons.
- Over 50 themed apps.

Check official IdeaL Themes wallpapers here: http://bit.ly/1pdGiLm

Special and Big thanks
To Monish Palanivel, and Fate Nozomi, for allowing me to use some resources from their themes in order to begin and inspire mine, also, for their help, support and collaboration.
Download their themes:
- Herathon Night --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.monish1995.herathon.night
- Herathon Light --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.monish1995.herathon.light
- Herathon Eclipse --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.monish1995.herathon.eclipse
- Material Themes --> http://bit.ly/Y5WEhJ

IdeaL Theme by:
Jahir Fiquitiva http://bit.ly/1z7WJfM

This theme wouldn't be possible without the help of these awesome works. Very big thanks to them!
- Theme icons from Moonshine Icon Pack by Valiant Pixels. With some modifications and add-ons by me. (http://bit.ly/QC3jg0)
- Included wallpapers by Juan Manuel Saracho. (http://bit.ly/1v0XSYF)
- IdeaL Themes Official Wallpapers are made by: Juan Manuel Saracho and me (Jahir Fiquitiva http://bit.ly/1z7WJfM).
- Android L fonts from the Official Google Material Design Specs web. (http://bit.ly/1wLOnvy)