Handy Siddur (Pre-release)

This is a pre-release version of the handheld companion to Ice Cream Siddur. So far it only works with nusach Ashkenaz.

Expect errors, lack of features, and general lack of polish.
Please send me reports via email (rating this would be like rating a hunk of marble and complaining it's not yet a statue)

Only for Android Wear devices.
Tested on LG G watch and G Watch R. Not yet optimized for round displays, although it should mostly work.

Zman based watchface
Luach Zmanim
Tefilas HaDerech
Birkas HaMazon
Mein Shalosh
Tefilas Beis Medrash
Shma Al HaMita
Modim Drabanan
Birkas HaLevana (only shows up on days when you can say it)