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Animated Halloween is a Futuristic watch face for all smart watches, a gentle sober touch makes it magnetic (It has been tested on Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Sony Smart watch 3).it is available for all kind of watches including round and rectangle. it has customization feature which allows you to change watch face needle style (Tick or Smooth).it has following features

 Halloween Count Down
 Digital Clock
 12 hour / 24 hour Time
 Realistic Animation
 Ambient Mode
 square & round watches support

And it doesn't end yet, follow the new customization options, features and updates,
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(Note: You can do all the customization from the Our Mobile App, you can open our mobile app from you application menu)

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It has following features


 Halloween Count Down
 Digital Clock
 12 hour / 24 hour Time
 Realistic Animation
 Ambient Mode
 square & round watches support
 Turn On / Off Halloween Wish Vibration
 Turn On / Off Animation
 Turn On / Off Pumpkin Animation
 Turn On / Off Ghost Animation
 Turn On / Off Zombie Animation
 Turn On / Off Witch Animation
 Turn On / Off Fog Animation
 Switch between 12 hour & 24 hour Format
 Switch between Clock & Halloween Count Down Mode

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Tip 1
Now we support 280x280 and 320x320 square watches
Tip 2
✔ If the watch face is not shown on your watch after re-sync, try these steps:
1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)
2. Uninstall the watch face
3. Restart watch and connect device again
4. Then finally install the watch face
To install:
1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.
2. Long press your android wear watch and choose Animated Halloween Watch Face as your watch face

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Compatible with Moto360, LG G Watch R, Sony smart watches...