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  • Category: Personalization
  • Developer: KV Design
  • Size: 3.3 MB
  • Downloads: 100+
  • Version: 1.5
  • Updated: Aug 15, 2015
  • Recent changes:
    - Slight adjustment on font size for visibility.

Cross Control Watch Face


*Useful Tips : Repurchased this watch face if the first time is not successfully transfer to your watch or phone. Make sure the wifi or internet speed at your area are higher or faster before repurchased it again.Thank You.

Features: (Hologram Animated)

Dim/Ambient Mode:
✔ Time 12hr Digital clock
✔ Date

Interactive Mode:
✔ Spinning 12hr/24hr Digital Clock
✔ Time Zone
✔ WiFi Signal Strength
✔ Sunrise/Sunset Time
✔ Date
✔ Weather Location
✔ Weather Low/High Temperature
✔ Weather in celsius (include Weather Forecast for 4 following days)
✔ Tap Logo weather update (only available in weather screen)
✔ Humidity measurement %
✔ Battery Indicator percentage value (Phone/Watch) and color changing.
✔ Battery Temperature in Celsius
✔ Device Information
✔ Moonphase
Health Features:
✔ Heart Rate Auto/Manual
✔ Walking Distance measurement
✔ Steps Counter
✔ StopWatch (start/stop/reset)
Map Features:
✔ Enlarge view
✔ zoom in/out
✔ scale in/out
✔ GPS Coordinates
✔ Compass

See video installation

Installation requirement:
- Please install the latest WATCHMAKER PREMIUM version
at Google Play store here: http://goo.gl/FMxUfY
- If you already purchase watchmaker premium previously,
please update to the latest version before installing this watch face.
- To ensure watch face work properly after installation,
Please do the following:
- Put phone and smartwatch side by side while installing.(as close as possible)
- Once installed on phone, open "WatchMaker app" and "Set Watchface".
- Upon complete transferring to wear, wait until watchface enter Dim/Ambient mode.
(Do not attempt to touch the function on the watchface until it turns to Dim)

Compatible with:
✔ LG G Watch R
✔ Moto 360
✔ LG Urbane
✔Asus Zenwatch
✔Samsung Gear Live
✔LG G Watch
✔Sony Smartwatch 3
✔Any Round or Square watches which runs on android wear.

If you encounter any problem during or after installation watchface,
please try one of the action below:
- If you fail to download the watchface and it did not appear on your phone, try to download again
and make sure your internet speed is higher or faster.
- If watchface not working properly, try flip watch few times from Dim/Ambient mode to Interative mode.
- Wait few minutes for file transfer to watch, some watch face might take a while.
- After installation, run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.
- Restart watch and restrart phone, reconnect bluetooth.
- Re-open Watchmaker premium or reinstall.
- If you're using a watch with an OLED display like the LG Watch R,
Android Wear uses a mechanism to avoid burn-in when the watch is dimmed.
The dimmed display will shift a few pixels every minute.

If you really enjoy my work please rate and give me feedback.
Thank You

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